Cinco MUD 8 Sprinkler Update 2016

Remember irrigation is the highest use of water for your home. If your water bill is over $100/month, adjust your sprinkler. As a precious resource we must learn to conserve water. The easiest way is to monitor your sprinkler system. Most lawns in Cinco MUD 8 are St Augustine grass. For a healthy lawn, roots need to grow deep in the soil. Deeper roots increase drought resistance. Too much watering keeps the roots close to the surface. Follow these tips to enjoy your beautiful lawn throughout the summer at a lower cost:

  • Install a wireless rain sensor.
  • Water at night between 10pm & 6am. Between 4am & 6am is the best.
  • Water twice a week instead of three times. Twice a week is all you need to keep your lawn green and healthy.
  • Reduce watering times from 10 / minutes / zone (most systems default time) to 8 minutes / zone and if you need more water, increase in 1 minute intervals.
  • Replace worn out sprinkler heads.
  • See for rebates on controllers or sprinkler heads.