Cinco MUD 8 November Conservation Tips

November is the time to turn off your sprinkler system for the winter. Turn off the water supply to the sprinkler. Winterize your lawn. If you didn’t check your bathrooms during October National Bathroom Month, check for toilet leaks, replace all faucet aerators and install low flow showerheads. Water Conservation is year round. Following these tips will help you conserve water and save money:

  1. Replace all FAUCET AERATORS annually.
  2. In the shower, INSTALL LOW-FLOW SHOWERHEADS, and shorten showering times.
  4. When washing dishes or laundry, wash full loads.
  5. When watering your lawn, water ONLY TWICE a week.

Awards Announcement

On April 19, 2016, the District won five awards from the Katy Area District Council for Water and Wastewater Facilities, Water Conservation, Landscaping, Parks and Trails, and Roads and Other Public Infrastructure.


October is National Kitchen and Bath Month

Did you know that bathrooms are the biggest water users in your home, accounting for more than half of all indoor water use? With water utility costs on the rise—now averaging more than $700 per year across the United States—there’s never been a better time to give your bathroom a “mini-makeover” that will save water and money.

Build a Better Bathroom encourages consumers to make their bathrooms more efficient and high-performing with WaterSense labeled products. CINCO MUD 8 along with the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the EPA remind you to build a better bathroom. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. I. Replace all faucet aerators, II. Replace showerheads with low-flow heads, III. Check for toilet leaks and if needed replace with a high efficiency toilet. Saving water SAVES YOU MONEY.