Diversion Channel Update

The USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) has approved Cinco MUD No. 8’s construction activities related to the repair of the 16” gravity sewer line across the Willow Fork Diversion Channel under a Nationwide Permit 12. Cinco MUD 8 will begin repairing the 16” gravity sewer line across the channel next week. The project is anticipated to be complete before July 1, 2018 and once the line is repaired, the bypass in front of the Canyon Gate Recreation Center will be removed and normal operation will resume.

Community Updates

Accurate Meter and Supply is finishing up the installation of the new web based water meters. That will be completed the week of April 23rd. Residents will receive instructions in their upcoming water bill.

Inframark is having Edustrial completing the installation of new curbs in the district next week. The last fire hydrant was repaired at the end of March.

The Storm line cleaning is complete and Inframark is currently submitting documents to FEMA.

The Sanitary line TV and Cleaning is under way, this is anticipated to be complete on the first week in May.


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