Planned Maintenance: Canyon Gate 1 & 3

On Monday April 24, 2023, Inframark will be working in Canyon Gate Section 1 & 3. As a result, you may experience a short interruption to your water service.

Should you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Inframark’s Customer Service at (281) 579-4500.

Hurricane Harvey Claims

Informational Purposes Only — The Cinco MUD 8 Board of Directors is not responsible for the information contained in the website.

Were you flooded during Harvey in 2017 by floodwaters behind Addicks or Barker Dams?

If so, you need to file a claim SOON to protect your rights and get compensated for your damages!

  1. Over 10,000 homes and businesses flooded during Harvey in late August 2017 from floodwaters stored behind Addicks and Barker Dams located west of Houston.
  2. Thousands of claims have already been brought by these landowners against the Corps of Engineers (i.e. the federal government) under the U.S. Constitution to recover their flood damages.
  3. An initial trial involving the first handful of these flood claims recently resulted in a finding that the federal government took a permanent flowage easement on these properties when they were flooded behind these dams, and that these claimants were thus entitled to their damages caused by such flooding and for the taking of this permanent flowage easement (the government has appealed these findings).
  4. This permanent flowage easement means that the government has the legal right to flood these properties in the future and no longer have to pay for any damages they may cause.
  5. The only compensation flood claimants can get for their Harvey damages and for this permanent flowage easement is NOW!
  6. However, time is running out to file such flood claims!
  7. If you believe that your property flooded during Harvey 2017 by water stored behind Addicks or Barker Dams, to be safe, your claim needs to be filed before August 28, 2023.
  8. If you’re not sure if your flooding was caused by these dams, log onto the website below to find out, or call the number below.
  9. To file a claim, log onto the website below to get information on how to do so, or call the number below.

For more information, log onto this website: or call 888-248-5215.