Willow Fork Drainage District Community Meeting for Canyon Gate

Hi, Canyon Gate and Southpark Friends!

Willow Fork Drainage District is pleased to provide a community engagement meeting in coordination with the Canyon Gate HOA leadership. It will be held on Saturday, October 12th 9:00am-11:00am with breakfast being served at 8:30am in the Canyon Gate Clubhouse. Our goal is to update community members on the work that has been accomplished, the continued work about to occur, and future possible plans to provide additional flood protection for our area. Two WFDD board members, our district engineer, and legal counsel will be in attendance.

Please encourage your neighbors and friends to attend this meeting. Willow Fork Drainage District is working diligently to provide excellent communication with our residents.

Cinco MUD 8 Tax Rate Increase

The operation of Cinco MUD 8 is dependent upon the collection of property taxes. 90% of the homes were flooded leading to decreased appraised values. Due to Hurricane Harvey and its effects on the District, the 2018 property tax rate was raised to $0.96 per $100 of assessed value. While we understand that some homes within the District were not impacted as much as others, the Board of Directors had to make a difficult decision that it thought would be in the overall best interest of the District’s residents by keeping the District operating. As soon as the Hurricane Harvey rains stopped, the District met and decided to hire debris removal services in an attempt to clean the neighborhood and help residents with the rebuilding process as quickly as possible. Additionally, the District paid to clean and repair all streets that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey and paid to clean the entirety of the District’s storm sewer system. While the District sympathizes with everyone paying the increased tax rate, those flooded homes will receive a net lower bill over 2017. The Board of Directors is hopeful to reduce its tax rate for 2019 when the value of homes go back up.

Cinco MUD 8 Update

After much consideration, the Cinco MUD 8 Board of Directors (the “Board”) voted unanimously to not incur the additional costs for the 2017 tax year reappraisal for the District through the Fort Bend County Appraisal District (“FB CAD”) as a result of Hurricane Harvey.  As you know, Hurricane Harvey caused major flooding and devastation to the District in August, 2017.  The Board determined that in assuming a $100,000 reduction in assessed value per home by FB CAD, residents could possibly only receive a refund of approximately $207 after a lengthy reappraisal process.  In the best interest of the residents of Cinco MUD 8, the Board voted unanimously to award a credit of $30.00 to the households in the Canyon Gate and South Park Subdivisions of the District for water service billing from November 2017 through May 2018.


  1. No District reappraisal of Cinco MUD 8 2017 taxes by the Fort Bend County Appraisal District;
  2. A tax reduction for 2017;
  3. A $30.00 monthly water bill credit from November 2017 through May 2018 to the residents of the Canyon Gate and South Park Subdivisions of the District;
  4. The District will apply for FEMA assistance for the costs associated with Hurricane debris removal in the District; and
  5. Standard monthly water bill base rate of $25 increased to $30 as a result of CINCO MUD 1’s connection fee increase.