Water Service Will Be Temporarily Interrupted

Inframark will be working in your neighborhood to clean the water mains. This cleaning is necessary due to the build up of scale and mineral deposits over time.

The water mains which provide service to your home are scheduled to be cleaned between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Water service to your home will beinterrupted during this period on the following day:

  • Wednesday, May 24th: Canyon Gate Section 3

Air Scouring

Inframark uses a system called “Air Scouring” to clean the water mains. This system is faster and results in less disruption than other methods. We close the valves at either end of a section of the water main, then attach an air supply hose to a fire hydrant at one end of the closed-off section and open another hydrant at the other end. Clean, high-volume air is pumped into the hydrant, which agitates the water and loosens the mineral scale. This material, in turn, acts as a scouring agent and further cleans the pipe. We open the water supply valve just a bit to keep the process going, and before you know it, the open hydrant begins spewing out the rusty scale and deposits. The hydrant is running clear water in a very short time, and our work is done.

You can help, too!

We know that your water service is essential and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We still need your help in finishing the job. We turn every meter off during this process to reduce the possibility of debris entering your house line; however, you’ll probably find some of the residue has been forced into the service line of your meter. You should open an outside faucet and flush this material out of your house plumbing. This should only take a couple of minutes. Opening inside sink faucets could cause the debris to clog your sink aerators. Also, opening hot water faucets could cause debris to deposit into your water heater. In some instances, the water may appear “milky” in color. This is due to air still being present in the water. This condition should also clear very quickly. Again, thank you for your help!

Suggestions to Follow:

Please follow these suggestions to ensure safe and trouble-free water service during Air Scouring:

  • If you have a medical reason which a water outage will conflict with, please contact our office at 281-398-8211 as soon as possible to reschedule the cleaning. If you have an emergency during the period of cleaning, Inframark personnel will be present on the streets where the process is in use.
  • Flush your water system from an outside faucet after the completion time listed above. The water will be discolored for several minutes during this operation. Air may still be present and will cause your plumbing to vibrate and the water to appear “milky” in color. Continueto flush until you have clear water.
Contact Us:

If you have any questions concerning the process, please contact the local Inframark office at 281-398-8211. Thank you for your assistance in the cleaning of your water system.